How long will my Instacrylics last?

  • If applied with Glue - up to 2 weeks
  • If applied with Adhesive Tabs - up to 5 days

Is ACRYLIQUE cruelty-free and vegan friendly?

Yes, absolutely! All our products are 100% cruelty-free and vegan friendly.

How do I know if the Instacrylics™ will fit my nails?

Each set of Instacrylics™ come with 24 nails in 12 different sizes. We try our best to cater for all our customers!

Can I reuse my Instacrylics?

Typically, yes! Whilst it will depend on how you wear your Instacrylics™, they are normally able to be reused if worn and removed with care.

Please ensure that you remove any residual glue and adhesive tabs from the nail before reusing them.

Why did my Instacrylics fall off?

There could be a few reasons why your Instacrylics™ have fallen off. For example, you may have selected the wrong nail size or you might not have correctly prepared your nails.

Please consider the following suggestions to reduce the likelihood of your Instacrylics™ falling off:

  • Buff surface of your natural nail and wipe with alcohol wipes before application
  • Avoid water for three hours after application
  • If in between sizes, size down nails where necessary (nails that are too big are likely to pop off)
  • Press down Instacrylics™ firmly to remove any air pockets during application
  • Apply a generous amount of glue
  • Apply adhesive tabs as close to cuticle as possible



Can I trim and shape my Instacrylics™?  

Yes, our Instacrylics™ can be trimmed and filed to your desired length and shape! For best results, use our eco-friendly nail file made using nano glass technology, The GlowFile™!

Can I shower and bathe with Instacrylics™ on?

  • If applied with Glue - showering and bathing should be no problem!
  • If applied with Adhesive Tabs - whilst we recommend you avoid prolonged exposure to warm or hot water, you should not have many issues showering with your Instacrylics™.