Welcome to your Virtual Nail Bar!

We love a good cocktail just as much as we love a fresh set of nails. So what better than to combine the two?

We want everyone who wears our Instacrylics™ to be instantly carried away to their cocktail-drinking happy place. You know that feeling when you’re a few cocktails deep?

We understand that life gets busy and sometimes those nail appointments are put on the back-burner. Or perhaps it’s impractical to have acrylics for your job or hobbies.

The easy application and removal of our Instacrylics™ is our solution for you so you can truly embrace your glam, pour it up and recover just in time for your commitments!

It’s time to #GetTipsy and take a #shot with us! We’d love for you to join us on this wild ride!

Louisa and ACRYLIQUE