GlowFile™ Triple Parked (3 Pack)
GlowFile™ Triple Parked (3 Pack)
GlowFile™ Triple Parked (3 Pack)

GlowFile™ Triple Parked (3 Pack)

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Stocking up on the GlowFile™ for you and your friends? Triple park with us!

What is the GlowFile™?

Are you ready for a nail glow up? Introducing the GlowFile™ - your nail's new best friend!

A sleek, compact, multi-functional nail tool, the GlowFile™ can be used to file, buff and shine your natural nails. You can also use it on your Instacrylics™ to file them to your desired shape and length!

Made with nano-glass technology, the GlowFile is a healthier and more hygienic alternative to your traditional nail file, as it ‘seals’ the filed edges and prevents breakage. Even better, its durable and reusable nature means it’s also friendlier for the environment!

Cleaning the GlowFile

Gently wash the GlowFile™ in warm, soapy water to remove any nail debris from its surface. This will ensure the grit remains fine and unobscured by excess nail debris, and in turn maintain its effectiveness.

Storing the GlowFile

The GlowFile™ should always be stored in its case between each use to protect its surface and maintain its longevity and effectiveness.

Hot tip: Keep a GlowFile in your bag in case things get messy!